As space evolves into art,
your life becomes a masterpiece

Architecture, become
a masterpiece of the world.

Discover The PALACE 73 emerging in the location of

The Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel

Step into a new era of luxury with The PALACE 73, born at the iconic site of Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel,
the first premium hotel in Gangnam with 40 years of rich history. Beyond the renowned name, The PALACE 73 emerges as a symbol of
sophistication and class. Anticipate the true masterpiece of this era, meticulously crafted by the legendary Richard Meier.

Nestled by Seoripul Park,
Reminiscent of New York’s Central Park

Seoripul Park

In the area known as ‘Billionaires’ Row’
between 57th and 59th streets in Manhattan,
global landmark structures not only occupy space but
also transcend the values and rarity of Central Park. They distinctly prove the property influence derived from
the urban park experience in the heart of the city.
At ‘The PALACE 73’, you can see for yourself the value of Seoripul Park spread out like a garden with area of approximately 540,000m2.

Meier in Seoul

The maestro of global white architecture,
Richard Meier,
Presents his only residential project in Korea

Richard Meier, the acclaimed American contemporary architect and the youngest
recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Award, referred to as the Nobel Prize of the architectural world

Guided by the philosophy that ‘white is a symbol of pure elegance transformed by light,
a color embodying absolute beauty’ Richard Meier has artistically infused light and
the color white into his architecture. His contributions resonate globally,
earning him the distinguished title of a maestro in the realm of white architecture.

The PALACE 73’ stands as the first residential project in Korea
where Richard Meier and Meier Partners showcase their collective expertise.
Evaluated for its elevated artistic merit and collectible value,
from exterior aesthetics to interior design, ‘The PALACE 73’
is poised to redefine the legacy of high-end residential spaces.

Majored in Architecture in Cornell University, New York
1984 Youngest Recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize
1963-1988 Adjunct Professor for Yale University, Harvard University, UCLA

The visionary master of the century
who elevated architecture to the realm of art

Richard Meier has continuously showcased his distinctive and pure architectural style represented by white, exploring and advancing numerous works. He has gained a renowned reputation as a master who elevates architecture to the forefront of art. The ‘Douglas House’ on the shores of Lake Michigan, in particular, stands as his magnum opus, earning him the title. Recognized for its design that actively engages with the surrounding landscape, the ‘Douglas House’, often referred to as the ‘White House in the Woods’, has received acclaim not just as a residential space but as a collectible masterpiece. Other notable works include the ‘Neugebauer House’ in Florida, ‘Saltzman House’ in Long Island, and the ‘165 Charles Street Apartment’ in New York.


Richard Meier is hailed as a master of artistic residences, and the homes he designs are considered the most desirable places for those seeking both functionality and aesthetic beauty. Beyond residential spaces, he has led major projects globally, contributing to government offices, museums, and cultural landmarks. Notably awarded the Pritzker Prize, often dubbed the Nobel Prize of architecture, Meier’s portfolio includes iconic works like the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Getty Center, the Jubilee Church in Rome, the Athenaeum in Indiana, and the Paley Media Center in Beverly Hills. Each creation reflects his unparalleled ability to blend architectural excellence with artistic sensibilities, making his designs highly desirable for those who appreciate the perfect marriage of form and function

Nobel Prize of Architects,
The Pritzker Award

The Pritzker Prize, akin to the Noble Prize in architecture, is the most prestigious award recognizing architects who exhibit exceptional talent, vision, and a profound sense of responsibility through their contributions to both people and the architectural environment.

Succeeding Richard Meier’s
architectural philosophy

Meier Partners

Meier Partners stands as one of the world’s most respected architectural firms,
showcasing a rich legacy with over 130 projects spanning four continents over the past five decades.
Under the guidance of Richard Meier, the firm brings to life architectural
wonders that emphasize poetic compositions, a passion for intricate structures,
and a profound respect for natural light. Beyond creating beautiful buildings,
Meier Partners actively engages with its surroundings, striving to make positive social and
environmental contributions through ongoing dialogue with the environment.

George H. Miller

Recipient of the James William Kideney Gold Medal in 2011,   
former President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA),
   And former President of AIA New York Chapter.

Ana Meier

Harvard University graduate in Art and Architecture,    
Creative Director at Meier Light

Dukho Yeon

Cornell University graduate in Architecture,   Harvard University master’s degree in Architecture,   
Notable projects include the 685 First Avenue residential tower in New York City,   The Jubilee Church in Rome,   
The Canon Headquarters in Tokyo,   And the seamarq Hotel in Gangneung

Richard Meier & Meier Partner’s
Meaningful Work, The Palace 73

Meier Partners is composed of employees with outstanding experience and various talent.
We also have a special system that can integrate passion towards architecture, knowledge of tradition,
and cutting-edge professional knowledge of new architecture. We will continuously
present meaningful works to the generation and society based on
our pride towards architecture we showed thus far and proved records. Especially, The Palace 73 is the project that
Richard Meier and Meier Partners devoted heart and soul to, and will be recorded
as a huge meaning and history of the Korean residential culture

Douglas House, Michigan

In the global realm of artistic brilliance,
Richard Meier stands as a beacon of artistic value.

Richard Meier showcases timeless and iconic buildings worldwide,
like Montagnola Residence and Stuttgart Apartments. He uses the surrounding scenery,
weather changes, and natural light to bring life to indoor spaces.
With elegance and consideration for the surroundings.
He ensures open spaces and ample natural light in his designs.










The city’s vitality
that moves with
the rhythm of light

The PALACE 73 goes beyond Richard Meier’s design principles, including a wider range of elements like timelessness, land, order, and natural light.

The tower’s tall and slim shape and artistic design are enhanced by the lower-level spaces, creating a powerful design language like a painting. The façade, consisting of solid walls, frames, screens, terraces, and outdoor gardens, is designed to adapt to unit layouts, sunlight direction, and the surrounding environment and views.

The PALACE 73 will be a distinctive and lively symbol above the city, characterized by its clear, elegant, and impressive presence.

A design that smoothly blends with the skyline and

nature to create a harmonious and aesthetic appeal

Examining how the building fits with the natural and environmental elements, ensuring it harmonizes with its surroundings,
and integrates well with nature. This analysis helps establish a structured order for the building and shapes the overall volume of its spaces.
Moreover, the design ensures that the building visually stands out from any perspective in the city.

The artistic beauty, shaped
and emphasized by the changes
in light, unfolds on the
canvas of pure white

With an exterior that reacts to the sun’s direction and
changes with light. The lively design allows natural
light to move freely within the interior.

An artwork that unfolds, revealing a unique edge
as it captures reflected light.

A distinctive and harmonious
landscape that sets itself
apart from the tower

The office building, creating a strong
and unified design, evokes the image
of standalone houses in the city.

The layout and details of the space, considering
the site, natural light, views, and privacy, will
offer a calm and luxurious experience.

Amenities composed of
2 concepts, with
17 different features

Tower A has well-being and health as the main concept, and
Tower B has social programs like dining and wine clubs as the main concept.
Amenity contents like open gym, golf party room, spirit room, tea omakase,
and others will provide more dramatic and enchanting sensual experience.

The Pool & Spa, designed to
Provide the ultimate private
Relaxation experience

Experience the epitome of relaxation with our Pool & Spa facilities, featuring a poolside party space with lounges and private shower rooms. Indulge in the ultimate privacy of independent private spas equipped with locker facilities, spa services, and steam options. These spaces are designed for undisturbed, essential relaxation whenever you need some quality time for yourself.

The Absolute
Highest Value

The PALACE 73 embodies the philosophy, concept, and design of Richard Meier and Meier Partners
within the absolute white backdrop of the building.

The absolute white exterior, without any relying on any background,
will exert artistic charisma, and the diverse spaces and diverse spaces and
ideas will elevate residents’ everday lives into a masterpiece.

Anticipate to the wonderful experience where architecture becomes a masterpiece

Architecture, becoming
the artwork of the world.

63-1, 64-1, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul,
Republic of Korea


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